Colubus Colony Housing is a HUD Subsidized four story building with 106 units, with accessibility features for the deaf and 12 apartments with additional accessible features for people with limited mobility. Applicants must meet income limits and one of the qualifications below to be eligible for an apartment.

  • A single person who is 62 or older, or one member of the household, who is the head of household or a spouse is 62 or older.
  • A person age 18 or older that requires the feature of a mobility or hearing accessible apartment who is a single person, or a co-head or spouse of the household that has a verifiable disability.

Columbus Colony Housing has 18 apartments that are 2 bedrooms. A single applicant needs to have a verifiable medical reason from a medical professional in order to qualify for a two bedroom apartment.

Columbus Colony Housing must rent 40% of the apartments to Extremely Low Income applicants each year, so these applicants may be given priority to meet this regulation.

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